Mark and Paige
Mr Meowgi and Kimba

Who are we?

We are two history nerds and film lovers (and their three cats) dedicated to uncovering the truth in cinema.

Mark is an accountant who has always had a passion for the past. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Accounting and Business Managment. He enjoys running, live music, and all things nerd. Mark’s favorite movie is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and the historical event he is most fascinated by is the 19th Century Labor Movement.

Paige is a Legal Researcher who comes from a family of cinephiles. She graduated Brandeis University with a BA in Politics and History and a minor in Legal Studies. In her free time she enjoys reading, baking, and playing boardgames. Her favorite movie is E.T. and the historic event she is most fasciated by is the Freedom Summer.

Latke is a middle-aged tabby cat who loves “secret cuddles”, broccoli stems, bacon, and long naps. She is known for her resting judgment face. Her favorite movie is Hocus Pocus (she thinks Binx is really cute)and the historic event she is most fascinated by is Bacon’s Rebellion.

Kimba is a forever baby. He loves cuddling his daddy, zooming around the apartment, and jumping of the TV. His favorite movie is The Lion King and the historical event he is most facsinaated by is The Battle of Bull Run (aka Bull Zoomies)

Mr. Meowgi (aka Mr. M) is the alpha male of the litter. His passion is letting humans know when its mealtime and stealing their chicken. Mr. M’s favorite movie is The Karate Kid and the historical event he is most fascinated by is the first Thanksgiving feast.