Our Story

Back in March of 2019, after various missed connections I went on a date with Mark and was charmed by his charming personality, adorable cats, and shared interest in odd things such as cults, Jeopardy, and of course history. A year and a half later, we are still enamored with each other’s nerdy love but amidst this never-ending global pandemic decided a couple project was just what we needed to keep our minds active and our goal to be an adorkable couple alive. And thus, Lights Camera History was born. 

As the name might suggest we are combining our love of history and passion for film. As anyone with a passing interest in history has realized Hollywood often takes the phrase “A True Story” loosely. Oddly enough, most of history is filled with more than enough drama, comedy, and adventure to fulfill the silver screen without embellishments considered necessary by screenwriters and directors. Truth is stranger than fiction after all. The objective of Lights, Camera, History! is to work our way through American History chronologically via film.  Each film will have two ratings, an “Enjoyability” rating using a scale of 1 to 50 stars, and a “Historical Accuracy” rating on a scale of 1/13 stripes.  

The two of us will ping pong back and forth between who leads the charge for each review. Just as the movies we watch hope to entertain and inform, we plan to bring an informative critical lens to the landscape of historical Hollywood without veering into boring lectures. All opinions on the film quality is our own, but all historical facts will be cited for further accuracy.

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